Tournament will be a 4 strike format.
Players will be grouped into 3 or 4 player matches on an assigned machine. Players who finish 3rd or 4th in a group will receive a strike. Once a player has 4 strikes they will be eliminated from the tournament.

After the first round palyers will be placed in groups with people who have a like number of strikes (swiss groupings).

The last player standing will receive a tournament entry into Pinburgh 2020.

This tournament entry is non-transferable, but it is refundable based on the refund schedule posted here: https://replayfx.org/competitions/pinburgh/#1578000620247-bf8dbf63-d612

Additional non-monetary prizes to be provided by the Replay Foundation.

The cost to enter will be $20. All money raised benefits the Replay Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.